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School Teaching Staff

These are the members of teaching staff at St Bartholomew’s CE Primary School.

Mr M Mackley
Miss C Bowden
Mrs L Moran
Nursery Support Staff
Mrs J Dickenson
Reception Teacher
Mrs C Methven
Reception Support Staff
Mrs S Hindle
Reception Support Staff
Mrs J Shaw, EYFS & KS1 Lead
Year 1 Teacher
Mrs V Hilton
Year 1 Support Staff
Mrs N McGlashan
Year 2 Teacher
Mrs K Turland
Year 2 Support Staff
Mrs J Reed
Year 3 Teacher
Mrs J York
Year 3 Support Staff
Mrs A Masterson
Year 4 Teacher
Miss E Dodd
Year 4 Support Staff
Mrs K Haczycki, Deputy Headteacher & KS2 Lead
Year 5 Teacher
Mrs R Kent
Year 5 Support Staff
Mrs H Lawton
Year 6 Teacher
Mrs A Griffiths
Year 6 Support Staff