We are offering the 30 hours Nursery entitlement and can provide before and after school care. Please contact the office for more information 01254 884534


We share a lot of information that’s intended to help parents and carers at different times throughout the year.

Information and downloads available here include

  • Parent Forum
  • School Dinners
  • School Uniform
  • Medicines
  • Bad Weather



As we move into winter and the challenges that the weather can sometimes bring, can we remind parents / carers that we always endeavour to remain open where safe to do so.

If a decision is made to close, it follows an assessment of the risks to pupils, staff and parents.

In the event that a decision to close is made we will let you know via text message as well as via BBC Radio Lancashire.

Latest weather forecast for our area can be found here



Lunches are free for infants and £2.20 per day for juniors.  Contact the school office if you have a question about payments or entitlement.

Please see the link (Parent_guide_summer2015.pdf) at the bottom of this page to download a copy of the guide to using our online payment facility.



The overriding concern at our school is to ensure that children are safe, this includes going home at the end of the school day.

Up Year 4 we would expect an adult to collect a child to ensure that they return to their home safely.  From Year 5 onwards we do understand that parents would like to give their child some independence as they prepare for the transition to High School.

We have been asked about letting older siblings still under the age of 16 to collect at the end of the school day. Our policy is that we do not release children, especially those in the Infants, into the care of anyone other than an adult who has been notified to us as authorised to collect.

If you wish to discuss this further, please contact the school.



School Uniform:
  • green school cardigan or jumper
  • a green checked summer dress may be worn during warmer weather
  • gold polo shirt with school logo
  • green skirt/ pinafore dress or grey trousers
  • white socks or grey tights
  • black shoes
  • a warm waterproof coat
PE Kit:
  • plain white T-shirt
  • black shorts
  • black pumps
  • trainers for outside (KS2 only)
For Swimming Lessons your child will need:
  • swimming costume or trunks
  • a swimming hat
  • a towel
  • goggles (if medically necessary)
Please remember to label all items of clothing.
Whittakers of Blackburn and Abbey Street of Accrington have been authorised to sell sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts only, with our school logo on.  Book bags are available from our School Office.

In the interests of safety it is a Governors’ rule that no jewellery may be worn, except for necessary hair bands and slides. Children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to wear watches but they are responsible for looking after them. Please ensure that all alarms or hourly chimes are switched off! Parents should contact the Headteacher about medical bracelets.

We encourage all children to take a pride in their appearance and to be proud of the school that they represent. Hair should be smart, cut/arranged in a conventional style without streaks, bleaches, colouring and tram-lines. Extremes of hairstyle are not permitted.  Long hair must be tied back or arranged in a style that achieves the same result, regardless of gender. Braided hair is acceptable but no beads etc. for safety reasons.
Please note:
  • All Pupils are expected to change into separate P.E clothes.
  • Although KS1 pupils are expected to be familiar with a variety of fastenings, the emphasis for P.E changing is to keep these to a minimum. We therefore ask your help in sending pupils in trousers or skirts with elasticated waists.
  • In the past sandals have been worn in the summer months.  However, due to the increased risk of injuries through wearing this footwear, they are no longer school uniform.
  • We have very limited space in our cloakrooms and classrooms and so we do not allow large bags to be brought into school.
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    • 21/11/2016

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