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At St Bartholomew’s CE Primary School we use assessments to ensure all our children succeed and to further inform our teaching and planning to help them reach their goals.

Please see our end of Key Stage results below.

End of KS2 Attainment 2016

The percentages of pupils meeting the expected standard:

Reading 67% (National 66%),    Average scaled score 102.3

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling 70% (National 72%), Average scaled score 102.3

Writing 87% (National 74%)

Maths 83% (National 70%). Average scaled score 102.9

The school’s combined result was 60% (National 53%)

These attainment results are very pleasing with almost all above the national results.

The percentage of pupils gaining high levels in:

Reading 17%

Writing  17%

Maths     13%

Progress Scores

In terms of progress scores our pupils have done well this year, making significantly better progress that children nationally with the same starting points in writing. Our progress scores for 2016 are given below. A progress score of zero, 0.0, is average progress when compared to children with similar starting points. A progress score greater than zero indicates that our children have made greater progress than the national picture.

Reading -0.8   (not significantly different from the national average)

Writing +2.7    (significantly better than the national average)

Maths    +0.7    (not significantly different from the national average)

We are very proud of our pupils and the progress that they have made. As a very ambitious school our aim is to accelerate our pupil progress in areas where we are behind national levels.  Our school improvement plan addresses the areas where we feel attention is required.

We are very pleased that the children performed so well in what have been recognised nationally as being very challenging tests.