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Feedback from school reports and surveys is welcome and sometimes very useful to share with new families and the wider school community.


School Reports 2021-22

  • Really pleased with our son’s report. He tries really hard and we have seen improvements with his learning at home too. We are also so proud of his 38/40 result in the Phonics Screening. Big thank you to Mrs Owen, you have been amazing and we wish he could keep you for another year.


  • My child has really grown in Year 1. Miss Owen is a fantastic teacher, she thinks the world if her and is going to be very sad to be leaving her class.


  • Really happy with my son’s hard work. Put a smile on my face reading this. Glad he is doing well in school.


  • Thank you for your efforts through out the year.


  • Very Good Progress has been made this year thanks to the teachers and school.


  • Thank you for the lovely comments on my child. I can see how much happier and settled she is now, and that’s all thanks to Mrs McGlashan & Mr Wildman. She doesn’t worry about maths like she used to. She plays ‘schools’ at home all the time – that ensures me that she enjoys it. Thank you to all at St Barts!


  • Brilliant school report. We are so proud of how much she has come on.


  • Wow! How much progress my son has made in the last 12 months has been amazing. I’m so very proud that he has developed a love of learning and grown in confidence where he was once so unsure and scared he didn’t understand. Mrs McGlashan is the most amazing teacher and I can’t thank her enough for all the support she has given me & my son. One brilliant teacher can make all the difference. I will be sad that he will be leaving Year 2 and Mrs McGlashan.


  • An extremely pleasing report which I am very proud. It is excellent to see the progress she is making both in her ability but also in her confidence. She enjoys school and has very much enjoyed Year 3 this year. Thank you to Miss Haworth who I believe has provided a fun and engaging learning environment to allow Georgia and the other children to develop.


  • Thank you for making my son’s Year 4 a wonderful one. His report has been a delight to read and share with Grandma & Grandpa. Your hard work, time and dedication shows through in him and his learning. Thank you.