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Online Safety

The online, digital world is often given a very bad press but we believe that there are many benefits and advantages from embracing it – this webpage and our Facebook page are two very good examples!

The pace of change can be very swift and we can all feel left behind and bewildered quite quickly with our children often being way ahead of us in their understanding and use of the many different Social Media platforms.

Many sites exist to give Parents / Carers advice, we would like to point you to the following site http://www.lancashiresafeguarding.org.uk/online-safeguarding/parents-and-carers.aspx which is maintained by the Lancashire Safeguarding Children’s Board.

Vodafone have a site dedicated to guiding parents and carers which can be accessed by clicking here.

More advice can be found at https://www.internetmatters.org/ as well as at KnowITall and Think U Know

Please do have a good look at what these sites have to offer and do ask questions, of them or of us and we will do what we can to help and guide you.

Happy surfing!



Please have a read of our draft Social Media Policy

St Bartholomew’s Social Media Policy March 2017