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As a school we take seriously our role to not only teach our children to be good learners but also to be good citizens both now and in the future when they are adults.

Our Christian foundation is fundamental to who we are and informs the values that we share and promote. As Great Britain is still officially a Christian country, these same values underpin our society.

We have six core values which underpin all that we do at our school.

  1. Love
  2. Trust
  3. Compassion
  4. Friendship
  5. Respect
  6. Forgiveness


These are values which we believe are not only appropriate for them as children but also for all members of our community and our country.

We develop these through our daily acts of collective worship and also through our PSHE curriculum as well as the daily routine of life and our interaction with each other.

British Values can be summed up in four clear categories:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect and Tolerance



We have both a School Council and an Eco Council.

Each one is made up of members of the pupil body and they take their responsibilities as representatives seriously.

They are elected by their peers and they are accountable to them for the tasks they carry out.

In our daily life we encourage all children to be respectful of each other and to ensure that all are included and treated fairly, no matter who they are; it is very much an ‘opportunity for all’ approach.



All citizens of Great Britain have to abide by the law of the land, the same is true of our school.

We have clear expectations and standards of behaviour and all are expected to abide by them.  We believe that all have the right to make choices but that we accept the consequences of those choices.  This is very true of our behaviour management systems at school, if children choose to make the wrong decision and to cause harm to others or to others’ property then they are choosing to accept the consequences of their actions.  Equally, all are given the opportunity to redeem themselves once any misdemeanour is dealt with.



This links in very closely with the rule of law.  All have the responsibility for their own actions and this is encouraged from the very youngest to the oldest members of our school.

We also encourage the children to be aware of their actions and the impact that has on others as well as being aware of the impact that the actions of others have on them.

  • Children take on a range of responsibilities within school:
  • Parking monitors
  • Eco Monitors
  • Supporting charities
  • Prefects
  • Y6 monitor roles
  • Sports ambassadors



This is a fundamental aspect of our values.  All are welcome at our school and all have a part to play and a contribution to make.

We have our uniform to show that we belong and we care about who we are and who we represent.  Beyond this we are all individuals with different strengths, hopes, talents and dreams.  This makes up a wonderful rich tapestry which is constantly being woven and we celebrate this diversity as a school.

As a school with a Christian Foundation we are fully aware of the fact that many  who are part of our school family practise a different faith or indeed have no personal faith commitment. All are welcome here and we learn from each other and respect and celebrate the differences which exist between us.