Welcome to Our School

At St Bartholomew’s we believe that we should provide every child with the opportunities to access a world class education within a nurturing Christian environment. We believe that every child is capable of great success and we work hard with them every day to achieve their personal best. We know that academic achievement is only part of a child’s education and our aim is that our children leave St. Bartholomew’s equipped with the skills they need to be successful in their life. We teach through our Christian Values and empower our children to be whatever they want to be and give them the self-confidence to know that they can achieve this.

Our Church school seeks to ensure that by following Jesus each individual is inspired to shine in all areas of their educational and spiritual development.

(John 8:12)  (Jeremiah 29:11)

Follow Jesus in all we do


At St Bartholomew’s we are a Church of England Primary School and we believe that, with our established and promotion of leadership at all levels, all adults and children will flourish. All leaders ensure that the impact of the vision across the curriculum can be seen and lived out. We use the term ‘The St Bart’s’ way’…where only the best will do’ we ensure that the vision is the cornerstone and the vision of the school drives everything forward. The vision enables us to make decisions for the children at our school. We ensure that we are passionate about the children, families and staff of St Bartholomew’s. We also believe that we are called to serve the community in which we teach.

Curriculum Intent

At St Bartholomew’s, our aims are:

  • to provide a Christian education based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, in which the core values of the school underpin all aspects of school life;
  • to provide an environment in which the dignity of each person as a child of God is recognised and developed; and to promote the full potential of each child through a curriculum which develops spiritual, academic, social and emotional growth;
  • to provide a curriculum which is enriching and challenging, where children experience the opportunity to learn in a wide range of contexts.
  • to provide the very best learning and teaching to ensure all our children reach their potential and achieve well in their lives.


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