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We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Sainsbury’s School Games Platinum Mark.

For the previous 4 consecutive eligible years  we were awarded the Gold School Games Mark and were awarded a Virtual School Games award in 2021 .  This award reflects many things to do with our sport provision in school, including:

  • The quantity of high-quality PE lessons our children receive each week;
  • The high quality extra-curricular PE offer we provide;
  • The amount of children participating in extra-curricular sporting activity each week;
  • The support we provide for our talented young sports people and less active children;
  • The number of competitive events we take part in each year;
  • The range of variety and inclusivity of the sports and PE provision we offer.

By receiving the Platinum award, it really does put us among the top schools in the country for the opportunities we provide in PE. We are very proud of this award and know that it will continue to be used as a springboard to develop our PE teaching further.


You can see our Pupil premium and SEND core offer information is also available.