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Sport Premium

The Sport Premium has been put to use in a number of ways.   Pupil premium and SEND core offer information is also available.

Physical Education 2015 – 2016 

Over the last academic year, the £8,850 funding was used to ensure PE has continued to develop.  The use of specialised coaches to deliver lessons on a Monday afternoon has not only raised the profile of PE but also helped to improve staff confidence and skills.  Both parents and children have reported that they are happy with the changes that have happened with PE over the last few years.  The children enjoy PE.  A strong foundation for PE is now in place and this can be further built on in the coming years.  With a focus on fitness, the children are now aware of the impact that PE and sport have on their bodies.  The staff have been given idea of how to teach fitness and monitor it within their class.  The children have started to show measurable improvements in their fitness which will hopefully progress over the next year. The uptake of extra-curricular activities has increased with the following free clubs that have been offered over the course of the year:

  • Tag rugby
  • Tennis
  • Y 5/6 Football
  • Y3/4 Football
  • High fives
  • Lunch time friendship group

As well as this, the children have also been offered the following clubs for a minimal payment:

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance
  • Multi Skills
  • Olympics
  • R – Y4 football
  • Fencing

The school has entered many competitions in the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley partnership, achieving success in many of these.  New kits have been purchased and we now have new football and athletics kits, as well as hoodies and coats.


Physical Education 2016 -2017

This year, the £8,870 funding will be spent to develop teaching and learning in Physical Education; to continue raise the profile of Physical Education throughout the school and to provide enjoyable, competitive and achievable sport for all children in the school.

Independent coaches are working alongside staff and teaching assistants to provide in depth knowledge, skills and understanding of a variety of sports; expert behaviour management techniques and ideas for teaching assistants when working with groups of children with special educational needs or a particualr talent in Physical Education.

Extra-curricular clubs will be provided throughout the year for all children across the school, ensuring that the children have access to a variety of clubs and opportunities to participate in higher level competitive sport.