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School Premiums

Our school premium information is published here.  We also share our sports premium and Special Education Need & Disabilities core offer.  The Government has published information for schools on what premiums are.


This year we have received slightly less money due to the numbers of pupils eligible, if you feel you may be eligible please do get in touch with the school office who will be happy to assist.

£34,620 Pupil Premium grant has been received and as before we have used this to provide our Home-School Liaison Officer and full time support staff in each class as well as an amount put aside to support curriculum materials, payment for trips, payments for other aspects of school life etc.

£3,600 Pupil Premium Plus money has been received from the Virtual School to support those children eligible.  We are using this money to both support them in their learning and to provide training for staff to ensure that we are meeting their needs as effectively as we can.



We continued to invest the money in the same way as the previous year.

Total amount of PPG received


We have seen a positive impact for our children who come under this heading. In our end of Key Stage 2 National Assessments in May 2016 we saw the following outcomes (from Ofsted’s Inspection Dashboard Data document, unvalidated Oct 2016):


Progress in line with national levels; attainment in line or above national levels for expected and high outcomes.


Progress above national levels; attainment above expected in expected outcomes and slightly below for writing at a greater depth.


Progress overall slightly above national levels;  attainment below expected national levels overall but above for high ability children.

For our Key Stage 1 children, the following information applies:

There was only one child eligible who performed above national expectations in all areas.


  Total amount of PPG received



This funding was used as follows:

  • We continued to fund the employment of a Home – School Liaison Officer to work with a range of families experiencing different levels of need.  This enables us to support families in a range of ways.
  • We continued to fund access to a range of different agencies who offer to support to children, for example Play Therapy to enable children to open and talk about issues which are challenging them.
  • We continued to ensure that each class has a full time Teaching Assistant so that support is available.
  • We fund a part time Teaching Assistant to develop Social Skills with children and work with those who are experiencing short-term barriers to their learning.
  • We continued to hold a fund to subsidise trips and other items to ensure that difficulty with paying should not prevent a child’s participation.



In 2014-15 we had 30 children eligible for Pupil Premium Funding (including Service Children and those adopted from Care).

The children in Y6 last year who were eligible for PP made the following progress:

  • In reading, 4 made expected progress, 1 made better than expected and 1 narrowly missed making expected progress.
  • In writing, 3 made expected progress and 2 did not make expected progress.
  • In maths, 4 made expected progress, 1 made better than expected and 1 narrowly missed making expected progress.

For our Y2 pupils the group of 4 children performed better than the cohort average in Reading but were behind the cohort in Writing and Maths.

In addition to the ‘results’ at the end of each key stage we also see the following improvements as a result of the investment of the money we receive:

Attendance and punctuality have improved.

We have been able to signpost families to targeted support services and been able to buy in extra services to meet needs that would otherwise not be dealt with.

Children have participated in activities which they otherwise could not have afforded.


We have funding of £41,900 for the Ever 6 / Service children at our school.  We continue to fully fund the provision of the Family Liaison Officer and provide greater access to external agencies.  We have used the money to provide extra intervention opportunities for children at risk of not making expected progress in their learning.  We have also boosted the funds available to support Pupil Premium children unable to afford to pay for school trips / activities.

Impact to date (March 2015)

  • We have improved engagement with families in their children’s learning and access to school through our Home-School liaison officer
  • Emotional needs are being met through external services funded through the premium
  • Attendance and punctuality have improved significantly.
  • More children are taking part in trips which are being subsidised through the premium, these trips directly support the learning in class.
  • Majority of children being supported through this fund are making expect or better than expected progress.